• Drue Reeves

Cloud Harmony: Data, Analytics, and Insights into Cloud Computing

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Hello everyone out there in technology world.

At Gartner, we strive to provide our clients with the insights they need to make technology and business decisions every day. True to form, Gartner's Cloud Decisions and CloudHarmony.com will do the same. Our mission is to be the insights leader for the cloud computing industry.

How do we do that? Logically, it's simple. Technically, not so much. In a nutshell, we employ various methods to collect data from the cloud providers. Then, we take that data, analyze it, and provide insights necessary to make technical and business decisions.

To that end, we'd like your help. We'd like to know what are the aspects of cloud computing where Cloud Decisions and CloudHarmony.com can provide clarity, transparency, standardization, and monitoring. What are the insights you need regarding cloud computing? Please send us comments below.

And along the way, we'll try to blog on a regular basis -- from some of the best minds in cloud computing -- so that you can see how we think...what we're interested in.

Cloud Decisions and CloudHarmony.com - Transparency for the cloud.

Thank you,

Drue Reeves

GVP Cloud Decisions


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